Friday, April 9, 2010

Devotional 4-9-10

Show Me

The Easter bunny has hopped away. The baskets are filled with wrappers, all the candy devoured. The colored eggs have been found and discarded, and the bonnets put on a shelf for another year. What remains? Nothing remains – the tomb is empty. Yet everything remains – He remains. WV is called Wild and Wonderful. Ohio gets to be the Buckeye State, and Kentucky the Bluegrass State. As an Army brat I spent a little time in Missouri – the Show Me State. My boss likes to say, in response to an idea put forth, “I’m from Missouri, show me!” He’s not, but it gets the point across. Do we all have a little Thomas in us? Show me! John 20:24-29 tells of Thomas wanting to see the marks. Jesus did show, and Thomas did believe. 2000 years later we are still doubting, and he is still showing. Did you smell the beautiful garden in our sanctuary Easter Sunday? Have you seen the daffodils in manicured yards, in the interstate median, growing in the middle of a parking lot? Did you notice the Red Bud – full glory OVERNIGHT? Have you prayed for someone lately? Have you been prayed for recently? Do you love someone – are you loved? That’s Jesus showing you the marks of His existence. From behind closed doors, when we think nothing and no one can enter, He does.

Psalm 150 is a short six verses. It begins; Praise the Lord and ends; Let everything that breathes praise the Lord.


Steve Matthews

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Rebecca Porter said...

I've always thought of spring as God's reminder to us that, just as the daffodils, the redbuds, the flowering crabtrees, the hyacinth (and so many other amazing displays) spring forth with beauty and fragrance after the long, cold winter, so did Christ spring forth with life for us! And He is able to resurrect our hearts no matter how cold and frozen we have allowed them to become. Wow! He didn't have to give us this beautiful and fragrant reminder of His love, but He did! What a mighty God we serve! Thank you for your devotion that caused me to pause and ponder these things once again.