Thursday, May 19, 2011

Devotional 5-20-11

Read Acts 7:55-60
If you have seen the movie Braveheart, you no doubt have a vivid memory of protagonist William Wallace being put to death in a most gruesome manner. Though no one would want to take Wallace's place, we can all admire his strength of will through the experience. I have always looked up to the apostle Stephen in a similar way. It is an amazing feat to die for one's beliefs. Few have the chance-- not that many of us are anxious to do so-- and possibly fewer have the spiritual strength.
During our day-to-day existence, we thankfully aren't asked to die for our Christian faith. We are expected to live for it, which should by comparison be a simple task. We can show that we are grateful for our salvation by being forgiving of others and by standing up for what is just. We are so willing to open our mouths to share everything from bad jokes to insults, but we could more frequently use our voices to improve others' lives (and our own). We are quick to take advantage of what we think we deserve, while we could be using our time to help a neighbor. Imagine how everything would change if we Christians were to use just twenty-five percent more of our energy to stand up for what is right. In turn, there would indeed be less road rage and other wastes of time.
Stephen stood before Israel's leaders and shed an unpleasant light on their past. Though he knew his own words would be used against him, he had the resolve to continue. Stephen acted according to the truth in the face of death. For most of us to act in the name of God, the consquences are minimal, so we have no reason to hold back! I pray we are all inspired by Stephen and others like him whose faith oulasted their wordly bodies. Let us use our energy to spread God's message of truth and show the power of His amazing love.
Natalie Wray

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Becky Warren said...

What a great message! I always look forward to your devotionals. You are such a good example of living the message.