Friday, January 13, 2012

Devotional 1-13-12

Ginzel – Pauline – Madame Alexander - Can you guess what I collect?

Well, if not, these are the names of some of the companies that make the dolls that I have collected as an adult.

However, when I was just a young girl, my family began the collection for me.  Every time a member of our family or a friend of the family’s traveled to a foreign land or an unusual location in the United States, they were encouraged to bring back a doll to add to “Suzanne’s collection”.  And so I have dolls from Siam (now known as Thailand), the Czech Republic, Argentina, Greece and India – just to name a few of the countries.  I also have some of my most precious dolls from my childhood – Tiny Tears, Shirley Temple, as well as the original Barbie and Ken dolls. Then added to my collection was my mother’s doll in her original outfit from the 1930’s, and my aunt’s Bi Lo Baby, in pristine condition, because it was never played with, since it was so special. 

Now that I am in my golden years, I seldom buy a new doll for my collection.  But when I do buy one, it’s not because of the company that made it, or the antique or monetary value of it.  Rather, it is because of the doll’s face. I like to look in the eyes of the doll, and if it speaks to me, then I can’t resist adding it to my collection. The eyes make all the difference.

In Psalm 139, David explains that God and God’s eyes have searched him and have known him inside and out, in all ways. God put David together in his mother’s womb, and God’s works are most wonderful.  For David, such knowledge is truly amazing and beyond comprehension.

I love this Psalm.  God’s eyes.  Only God is with each and every one of us from the beginning until eternity.  Only God knows our every thought, word and deed.  Only God sees and knows our inner workings, our innermost thoughts, our comings and goings. God’s eyes are beyond our comprehension, but truly are amazing!

In our daily lives, we encounter so many people.  And yet we only see into someone else’s life what they allow us to know or see.  We all do it.  We keep so much from every other human being around us.  But God knows us in every way, whether we want God to know it or not.  To me that is scary and yet such a comfort.  God’s eyes are a blessing to me in all that I do and say.  God – the one being I can always count on – God’s presence and love with me every minute in every way. 

God’s eyes – God’s love and grace – always present for all of God’s children.  The eyes are so important and make the difference!!!!!   

Rev. Suzanne Ellis

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