Friday, November 15, 2013

Devotional 11-15-13

           A Conversation With A Fav’rite Psalm:
           The Twenty-seventh One, To Be Precise

My light and my salvation is the Lord.
With God beside me, there are none to fear.
I have no cause to shrink or be afraid
Because my stronghold guardian is the Lord.

          Is God’s protective care for me alone?
          Or does the Lord look after others, too?
          While others fear, is that for me to care?
          Is God’s protection from the likes of me?

Though hosts of armies camp against my wall,
I have no fear; my heart in safety rests.
When evil ones and adversaries rise,
They stumble, fall; and I am safe, secure.

          But what if I the adversary be?
          Against the Lord am I an enemy?
          Are they my words and deeds that proffer harm
          To God’s own people?  Is it I that sin?

I seek to live within the house of God
For all the days of my eternal life.
I dream the beauties of the Lord’s abode.
I long to learn within the courts of God.

          But wait!  I learn what God reveals to me:
          That those whom I distrust are also there
          Within the house I thought was saved for me
          Alone!  What dreadful comedy is this?

I feel the hand of God who raises me
Above my enemies who wish me harm.
I sing the song of triumph!  Hear me, Lord?
Be gracious unto me and answer me.

          But there, in other hands of God, I see
          The ones who cause me great distress and fear.
          Is this some kind of joke?  Malevolence?
          That others in the hands of God sing praise?

When I the sinner am, forgive me, Lord.
Allay my fear and use my strength to serve
You all my days while waiting patiently
To see the fullness of your love and grace.

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