Friday, November 7, 2014

Devotional 11-7-14

Almost 14 years ago a had by-pass surgery. After recuperating I knew that I had been given a real gift. Not only by the surgeon, but by God. Before my surgery I just laid around the house watching TV and not really having a purpose in life other than what  I  was doing right then. I had been active at JM all my life but felt I was no longer needed that much and was no longer need to make a difference. I did not think that I had any thing to offer my church that would make a difference.

 Wow, was I wrong in my thinking. I went back to ringing bells, I still cook for YAH.  A long with Melanie Herr we started the Prayer Shawl Ministry for Hospice that now has 96 members in Huntington. Along with my sweet Scott we plant the gardens at JM. I love and support our MU Scholarship students. I like to make chicken soup for someone who is sick and Scott will deliver  it to them. I am at my best when I can make someone smile.

 I guess after hearing Tom Craig speak today about making a new church for JM. I rejoice and know it can happen as through God he helped me make a new Jean Ramsey.

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Becky Warren said...

You and Scott are constant reminders to me that I am not too busy to do the right thing. You are the personification of one of your prayer shawls. Your love warms everyone who comes into contact with you. Thank you for sharing your story.