Friday, June 24, 2016

Devotional 6-24-16

The following devotion is not of my thoughts and words but  of my belief.
From Mountain Prayers - A Vacation for Your Soul,  Honor Books.

( Imagine you are at a cabin in our beautiful and contentment mountains of West Virginia.)

"True Contentment"
As night closes in, you step onto the deck of your cabin and gaze at the brilliant sliver of moon.  Darkness surrounds you.  Stars, like shimmering crystals, light up the sky.  A cool breeze flowing down from the mountain kisses your hair and skin.  The world once again is peaceful and quiet--content.

What a contrast to things back home---everyone pushing for bigger, better, and more.  But as you examine the vast canopy above your head, you realize a simple truth; real beauty, real value, real life, is often covered up by city lights.  The never ending advertisements urging you to buy this and eat that.  The constant pressure to be like those around you, to provide for your children the things others are providing.  The push to achieve more, make more, gain a higher position.  These are all loud and unnaturally bright, keeping your eyes from seeing the stars sparkling overhead.
Fortunately, the place has given you the opportunity to consider what you really have, what you really want, who you really are.  It has succeeded in screening out the noise and the distractions so that you can see 

You will never be happy chasing after the things of this world.  God has placed a desire for eternal things in your heart and it will always be there deep inside, waiting to be discovered when the distractions have  been removed.  As you leave this wonderful place and travel back to your home in the city, don't forget the lesson you learned tonight.  The temporary, materialistic things of this world are only amusements. They cannot bring you true and lasting happiness.  They cannot bring you contentment.  Only God can do that.

Let us pray:  Heavenly Father, even here I close my eyes in prayer. I can see the precious things you have provided for me--love, courage, peace, family, friends, and most of  all, personal relationship with you.   When the things of this world begin to press in on me, demanding my attention, give me a nudge and I'll return to this quiet place where I know the meaning of contentment.  Amen
Kay Lewis

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