Friday, March 17, 2017

Devotional 3-17-17


Please read Exodus 17: 1- 7

I learn so much each time I write a devotional. I just finished reading about Moses (Student’s Edition of the New International Version) in the introduction to the Book of Exodus. Though Moses did have an Egyptian upbringing, he became the true liberator of the Israelites, leading them from bondage as slaves in Egypt, to their freedom. It is the book of Exodus that tells the full story.

Moses didn’t have an easy time with these Israelites! In fact, Moses wasn’t sure he would ever gain their trust. And he called on God frequently to find out how in the world he was going to lead this long journey with them to the Promised Land. I have read very little of the Book of Exodus, but have begun and intend to finish it during Lent. I think it will be a fascinating journey!

The scripture noted above is the story of the Israelites’ reaction when they realize, upon reaching Rephadim to set up camp, that they have no water. They are furious with Moses and quarrels abound as they argue with him and proclaim that God is no longer with them. Moses cries out to God in frustration, asking for help. He is given instructions to proceed on to the Rock at Horab. He is to take several of the elders as witness, and once there, touch the rock with his staff. Amazingly, water flows from the rock for the Israelites. Appropriately, Moses calls this place Massah (meaning “testing”) and Meribah (meaning “quarreling”)! The Israelites, however, continue to rebel against Moses and because of their lack of faith in God, the Israelites wander the wilderness for forty years!

Have you ever felt like the Israelites, as if you are being tested by God? Perhaps you have shown anger, lashing out at Him because of something awful in your life which you believe God has done to you. Or maybe you didn’t receive an answer from God for something you have asked over and over again to do for you. There are times in each of our lives when it is so easy to forget that God is with us.

Unlike the Israelites, however, we are not wandering in the wilderness.  That is because God sent his Son to us as our Savior. We acknowledge Him as the Son of God, we are guided by the Holy Spirit to do his work. Our belief in Christ as our Savior tells us we will not perish, but have everlasting life. Our sorrow during Lent at His crucifixion becomes great joy upon His resurrection.  Though we make mistakes, sometimes question our faith, or unintentionally or otherwise separate ourselves from God, He never leaves us. He is always there for us.

Let us take time during the Lenten Season as we remember Christ’s death and resurrection, to think upon these things. And once we’ve finished this heart-to-heart talk with ourselves, let us try a heart-to-heart with God, to renew our relationship with Him and listen to Him speak to us. It seems the right thing to do at this time during Lent.

Diane Feaganes 

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