Friday, April 28, 2017

Devotional 4-28-17

Read Luke 24: 13-35

Many Christians are faithful in attending worship, volunteering to serve in many aspects of their church; such as singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, serving on different Committees and helping out wherever called. This was my Christian life--just going through the motion. I knew that Jesus loves me-------but I had not felt his Love!

My life changed when I attended my walk to Emmaus. Fred had attended a walk first, I had not planed on attending until later. But when he came home after his walk, I saw such a difference in him, a big smile and a changed Christian man, with the love of Jesus in his heart.

I wanted that too! I attended my walk two weeks later and I am glad I did!

I have experienced the Love of Christ that he has for all of us! i know that some are not interested in attending the walk, but if you would like to have a closer relationship with Christ you might consider giving it a try, if someone should approach you. It is something that will change your journey with Christ. You might just like it and come back to your home and church a changed Christian. It is out there for you to experience for your self.

Just like the two men walking to Emmaus discussing what was taking place in their home land, when a stranger joined them and continued on with them.......they didn't know who he was until he was gone.

Their eyes were opened and they saw Jesus more fully!

Dear Father please let your children have the desire to know you and experience your love that you have for them. Lead and guide them the way that you desire them to follow.
Thanks you for the love and blessing you spread to all your people.
Hold everyone in your hand and comfort them all no matter where they are in in their journey with you.

All Gods children say,

Melanie Herr

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