Thursday, June 30, 2011

Devotional 7-1-11

In the Voice there was an article about the spring storms. Having just returned from Oklahoma to visit our daughter Julie and her family. I would like to share about our trip that took us on inter-state 44 thru a very small portion of Joplin Missouri that was devastated with a very deadly tornado. On the way out we did not know if we would see anything about the loss that went on there. As we were driving thru Joplin we began to see about a two block space on inter-state 44. As I said it was only a very minimal portion of what went on there. To the right we saw downed trees,debris that was unbelievable [siding from houses, clothing, paper , and a vast array of things hanging out of blown down trees]. To the left there were homes very much like our own. I am talking about all brick houses. They were totally blown in from the front . Trees were totally uprooted and huge road signs were broken like tinker toys. Traveling a little further up the inter-state we saw a flag pole that had survived the winds. There was a huge American flag flying at half mast. Her bottom stripe had been partially torn off and she was really frayed but she was proudly there showing all that they she had survived that they would indeed survive.

On the way back home we traveled back across that same area. We saw the power company restoring power. Men were out with their chainsaws cutting apart the downed trees, tarps were covering roofs, and people were cleaning up the debris. Perhaps that will be their firewood for next winter. Volunteers were notified of the exit to take to sign up to help. And the large frayed flag was still flying at half mast. Nature may have it's way, but human nature will always survive thru faith and our willingness to help each other in times of trouble. It was truely a humbling exprience. Please keep the people of Joplin in your prayers.
Jean Ramsey

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