Friday, January 2, 2015

Devotional 1-2-15

The story has been told again. The beautiful music has been sung, the cards have been sent, the gifts have been  opened. Like most of us, the family have left and now we can get our lives back to normal. Did we really hear the story? Did we just do what we had to do  to get through Christmas one more time and dread putting away the decorations? We most likely sighed with the relief and said thank God that is over.

We have been inundated since before Halloween and Thanksgiving with the reminder that Christmas is only so many days away. We have been plagued with appeals for money to help feed and give gifts to the less fortunate constantly. We then have to sit back and dread the awaiting of the credit card bills that will arrive in January. Christmas is over. Now what?

I would ask that we would carry the joy of song, that gift that was given, and that feeling of family together be embedded in your heart and minds. God's most wonderful gift and example for us to live by was born at Christmas. Carry it in our hearts all year long. Thank you for those that have given  to the less fortunate at Christmas.{They are only hungry at Christmas not the rest of the year}.Thank you for those that came to church to hear the Christmas music, {The choir sings all year long praising our Lord}.Thank you to those who took gift bags to the shut ins,{they are lonely all the time}.

Christ was born to show us how to live and love not only at Christmas but always. He taught us only two things that matter really, { I learned this from Scott Ramsey}. Love me and love your neighbor. Makes sense to me now that Christmas over.

Jean Ramsey

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