Friday, October 26, 2012

Devotional 10-26-12

The following is taken from the book:Mountain Prayers: A Vacation for the Soul, Honor Books

Taking in the View

It's surprising how you can limit your own perspective at times. Worries and concerns can so easily cause you to see only what is directly in front of you. It's as if God is offering to show you the vista from a ski lift high in the Alps, but instead you crouch, with eyes downcast, on a hill the size of a pitcher's mound!

It can be hard to grasp the truth that this life on earth is incredibly brief compared to eternity---like a mist, or a wildflower that blooms for a little while and is gone. The finite mind cannot understand eternity! How can you ever begin to glimpse its enormity when your circumstances tie you to the ordinary, day to day events right around you?

An amazing transformation can take place within you, when you allow your Father's arm to lift you to the heights for a better view. Suddenly you feel both very small and very safe at the same time. You realize that the few years we are given on this earth must certainly be very precious to him: you want to know the purpose he's laid out for your life, once you see your existence for the brief, exquisite flash of light that it is.

“I’ll lift my eyes up to the mountains," says the psalmist. Lift up your eyes from the "boulders" that stand as obstacles before you and look to the endless peaks beyond. Take in the vastness of God's creation as a reminder that he is himself vast beyond your imagining.

Be encouraged, when problems seem to block your spiritual vision. God sees and knows all and he cares about you deeply. His promises and blessings are not just for this life--but life eternal!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I can hardly imagine spending eternity with you. It's one of those things that I believe but cannot grasp. You might say it's a promise too great for me. Teach me to live my life in light of eternity, for it is only then that I can see my life here as it truly is ---endless. Amen

Eternal life does not begin with death:
It begins with faith.
Samuel M. Shoemaker

Submitted by Kay Lewis

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