Friday, July 22, 2016

Devotional 7-22-16

How often we take everyday things for granted. At least, I find that I do. Things like streets not lined with mud, a creek that stays within its banks, a house without water in the basement. Yes, you know of which I speak! In other words, the recent tremendous rainfall which caused creeks to overflow, houses to be flooded and even the loss of life.
Nevertheless most of us were blessed by God's goodness and did not experience these dire consequences following Nature's fury. As I think of things I take for granted, how happy I was following the epic rainstorm to find a Captain from the Huntington Fire Department knocking  on my door to see if I wanted to move to a drier and safer location. And also to know that not only the Huntington Fire Department but also the Huntington Police Department  was patrolling the area of the flood to help wherever needed and to prevent criminal  activities. Our local emergency services are without equal.  Whenever you have the opportunity, let them know how much your appreciate them. 
Not least of all I am thankful for neighbors who offer assistance. I'm reminded of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37). What a lesson for each one of us. May God help us to see where we can be a good neighbor. 
Jean Dean

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