Friday, August 16, 2013

Devotional 8-16-13

Give Me Faith
  1. Give me faith that I can know,
    Truth revealed so long ago.
    Creator of the wind and sea,
    Breath of Life, awaken me.
  2. Give me faith that I believe,
    Pardoned sin, your grace receive.
    God of mercy, loving Lord,
    I was dead, now life’s restored!
  3. Give me faith that I can trust,
    Self, denied, now right and just.
    Holy Spirit, move in me,
    Your disciple let me be.
  4. Give your church the faith to be,
    Joined in love and charity.
    Free us to unite as one,
    That we may see Your will be done.
Tune:  Canterbury (Holy Spirit, Truth Divine, UMH 466)
© 2013 Jeffrey A. Taylor.  All rights reserved.

Jeff Taylor

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