Friday, August 1, 2014

Devotional 7-31-14

Why Go to Church?

Twenty years ago our churches were full. It was the socially accepted thing to do. Fast forward and many of our churches are half empty. Church attendance is no longer a social necessity. Churches are all too often seen as being full of judgmental hypocrites. There are many people who consider themselves Christians who feel no need to attend church. They feel they can worship God anywhere - which , of course is true, and something we all should be doing.

So, why attend church? I’ve thought a lot about this. Weekly church attendance is very important to me. It feeds my soul. During some of the most difficult times in my life my faith has gotten me through. I might have been physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted, but spiritually I was doing well. I can’t remember ever attending a service that I wasn’t touched in some way - the music, a prayer, the sermon, a reading, a hug. Attending church helps me to grow - as a Christian and as a person. It keeps me in tune, not with what I want, but with what God wants. The sharing of faith and fellowship with caring friends adds depth and joy to worship. Church gives me a way to worship God that would be impossible to do on my own.

Why do you go to church? Who do you need to tell?

Margaret Williams

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