Friday, April 3, 2015

Devotional 4-3-15

As we come to the end of this Lenten season, and progress through these difficult days between Jesus’ triumphant entrance to Jerusalem and his death upon a cross, we come to the story of Mary Magdalene, who stands with Mary, the mother of Jesus, at the foot of Jesus’ cross, and then again at the tomb where Joseph and Nicodemus had placed Jesus’ body.

Mary Magdalene, the young woman who was possessed by at least “7 demons”, lived in the town of Magdala.  One day, when Jesus was passing through that area, a relative brought Mary Magdalene to Jesus, explaining to him, that she was possessed and needed Jesus’ healing touch. Jesus took one look at the very mentally ill woman, and did touch  her.

Immediately, Mary Magdalene was healed, and began her journey with Jesus, supporting his ministry in every way she could.  She became a part of the group which travelled with Jesus, as He taught and performed miracles in many locations throughout the country side.  She sat at His feet and listened to His teaching; she provided monetary support: and she cooked and served meals as well.  She loved Jesus; He had healed her physically, so she was able to grow spiritually and mentally, as she served Him daily.

How have you been touched during this Lenten season - this time we as Christians take to search ourselves, and open our heats and minds to God’s transforming love and grace?  God loves us just as we are, but God loves us too much to allow us to stay the same.  We are constantly in need of God’s healing – God’s cleansing of the dark places in our hearts and minds, so we may share God’s light and love to every person we encounter each day of our lives.

Reread Mary Magdalene’s story in John 20:1-18, and see how richly she is blessed by Jesus again at the tomb.

We too have a story to tell, and love and light to share.  Allow God to work on you and through you every day, so you may be blest and a blessing to others.   Amen.

Rev. Suzanne Ellis  

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