Friday, April 24, 2015

Devotional 4-24-15


Frequently we hear talk of "resources", usually in relation to funding a project, sometimes referring to volunteer  help and occasionally in reference to the environment.

Word meanings  can be fascinating and so I went to my trusty American Heritage Dictionary to find the definition of "resource". The dictionary says, "Something that can be used for support or help. An available  supply that can be drawn on when needed." That's exactly what I want to share with you from my own experience.

No, not "something" but "Someone", that Someone being our Lord Jesus Christ. He is always there for us, not just in life's big matters, the big decisions we have to make but also in our little everyday happenings. Things that are so very personal I wouldn't share them with anyone. Strength for each day, physical strength, emotional strength. Do we really believe that "...all things, whatsoever  ye shall ask in prayer, believing,  ye shall receive." Even a simple prayer, "Lord, help me" will be answered.

I think that life has to be lived in a state of constant contact with Him, sort of a  heavenly texting. Every moment of every day He is there for us, listening for our calls for help, sharing the joys and pleasures as well as our sorrows and pain. Just put your trust in Him, He is always there for you, every minute of every day.

Jean Dean

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